Rent UNH management takes great pride in our properties. We work diligently to offer the cleanest, best-maintained properties available. We seek tenants who will do the same and who are respectful of the property, their roommates and neighbors in the greater community of Durham.
Offering a variety of rental properties, namely houses and apartments of many sizes throughout historical Durham, our units are usually available from June through May with a 12 month lease term. Residents typically live with us from their sophomore year until graduation. Due to our low turnover rate our waitlist can be up to six months. Potential residents are able to reserve a space with us as much as a year in advance.

Rent UNH works closely with the Town of Durham and our residents to maintain the quality of living within the community. Often, interests and lifestyles of short-term and/or long-term residents can conflict with each other but neither party understands nor invests in building a positive relationship. We understand these conflicts and work with our residents so they will be aware of community issues such as recycling, noise ordinances, parking, alcohol usage and property upkeep.

The University of New Hampshire, Town of Durham and Rent UNH share common values and standards. We are committed to creating a positive social environment for its members that will enhance the welfare of all. The University’s location within Durham creates a special relationship that requires mutual respect, open as well as continuous communication, and the fulfillment of civic responsibilities by community members.